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PEMS – Predictive Emissions Monitoring System

PEMS – Predictive Emissions Monitoring System, is an extremely reliable (over 99% uptime) and significantly cheaper (more than 50%) alternative to the hardware based CEMS – Continuous Emissions Monitoring System. It is approved by US EPA and most international regulatory agencies.

Since 1993 PEMS has been installed at hundreds of locations including boilers, reformers & gas turbines in the USA meeting the US EPA requirements of PS-16, 40 CFR 60 & 40 CFR 75.

It has also been installed & certified world over including Europe (CEN/TS 17198), United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia (Royal Commission), Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Malaysia and UAE.

PEMS can accurately predict the environmental emissions e.g. NOx, CO, CO2, SO2 etc. from gas or oil fired boilers, reformers or gas turbines without the need of actual hardware analysers known as CEMS  (Continuous Emissions Monitoring System).

Please see this short video to understand why PEMS is more reliable &  cheaper alternate to CEMS:

As compared to traditional hardware CEMS, the PEMS:

  • Is more reliable and has an uptime of over 99%
  • Is more than 50% cheaper in capital cost (new installations)
  • Is more than 90% cheaper in operating & maintenance cost
  • Doesn’t require calibration, zero or span checks
  • The payback time for PEMS is usually in months
  • It takes 4-8 weeks to install PEMS and no shut down is required.
  • PEMS has been installed at hundreds of locations worldwide

PEMS has replaced several existing hardware based CEMS on sites where  unreliability or high operating cost of their existing CEMS was a constant source of concern.

The best part is that in most cases PEMS can use historical data from your existing CEMS installation, whether it is in paper-based reports or digital format in a historian.

If you are thinking about replacing your existing hardware CEMS, then please Contact Us for further details or to schedule a demo install, we maybe able to install PEMS at your site without any capital cost i.e. Free.

Our PEMS relies on sophisticated computer algorithms using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Depending on availability, some typical process inputs that PEMS uses to work accurately are:

  • Fuel & air flow rate
  • Ambient weather conditions (Temperature, Humidity etc)
  • Combustion or flue gas temperature
  • O2 content in flue gas

Our PEMS comes with guaranteed compliance to your environmental regulations.

Please Contact Us for further details or to schedule a demo install.

If you are interested to find out more about PEMS – Predictive Emissions Monitoring System, please check out following additional resources of legal approval and educational articles:

The Predictive Emissions Monitoring System is a tried & tested technology which is more reliable & economical than hardware CEMS.


PEMS- Predictive Emissions Monitoring System