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PEMS – Predictive Emissions Monitoring System


PEMS – Predictive Emissions Monitoring System:

  • Is a cheaper, almost 50%, alternative to Hardware based CEMS (Continuous Emissions Monitoring System)
  • US EPA approved
  • Is not only cheaper, it can be installed in 1/3rd the time of a hardware CEMS, usually 4-6 weeks as opposed to 12-16 weeks.
  • Can measure any or all of the following Parameters: NOx, CO, CO2, SO2, O2, PM (Particulate Matter).


    • We Offer the Option of a free* Demo Project Utilizing PEMS for the Parameters Selected by You.
    • We offer a Guarantee Of Certification & Meeting All The Requirements of US EPA.

We are the authorized distributors of the world renowned CMC PEMS. CMC Solutions is a leading supplier of PEMS and other emissions monitoring solutions available on the market today.

With help from our principals, we can provide best-in-class software components, and superior support to meet the most stringent regulatory compliance requirements.

This PEMS is a Patented statistical hybrid data engine within a framework that integrates existing plant resources (CEMS, PCs, servers, PLCs, cabling, and controls) with innovative custom application software developed for standard operating systems and databases.

PEMS has been field tested at several sites in the world including the world’s largest Methanol Complex since 2007 and it’s performance in real world has been documented in Chemical Engineering Magazine

The statistical hybrid predictive data engine transforms data from various sources into a standardized database structure for predicting emissions and for utilization by plant staff, such as operators in real-time process/combustion optimization or managers reviewing historical data for compliance and efficiency purposes.

Software vs Hardware Analyser Comparison (Power Point file)

Hardware CEMS:

It contains a lot of parts, the major ones in a typical hardware CEMS are listed below. The more parts a system has, the more prone it is to failure.

  1. Sample extraction & handling system – which includes pumps, heated sample line, chiller etc
  2. Hardware Analyser – which usually includes a dedicated analyser for every parameter to be monitored
  3. Calibration gases
  4. DAS – Data Acquisition System
  5. And many other components

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Software PEMS:

Since the PEMS is totally dependent on the software, the only thing it needs to run is a server which will host the PEMS software. This server is connected to the plant DCS from where it obtains the necessary operating data to predict the pollutants of concern.

*Our software & services will come free of cost, the computer for installing the software will be provided by you.

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