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PumpRessor – Pump Compressor Turbine Health

Our PumpRessor modeling software accurately predicts performance & upcoming problems of Critical Pumps, Compressors, Turbines & Fans. The gradual deterioration in performance due to fouling & erosion etc. is impossible for human eye to pick. Similarly, optimizing operation parameters or predicting catastrophic failures has saved millions of $$$ to sites.


  • The PumpRessor software accurately predicts failures, thus helping schedule maintenance & shut down of the equipment.
  • The operators can set up Monitor or Alert alarms, emails for specific actions.
  • The payback time for PumpRessor software is less than a year because of improved efficiency, avoiding false maintenance calls and associated cost savings.
  • It takes 8-12 weeks to install PumpRessor in a Windows PC at a site and no shut down is required.

Depending on availability, some typical process inputs that PumpRessor uses for analytics are:

  • Inlet & outlet temperature, pressure & flow rate
  • Vibration & RPM data
  • Power consumption

The best part is that in most cases PumpRessor can use historical data, whether it is in paper-based reports or digital formats in a historian, to fine tune the model for accurate future performance.

Please Contact Us for further details or to schedule a demo install.