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EcoProcess – Improve Process Efficiency

EcoProcess - Process Economizer

Our EcoProcess – Process Economizer is an analytics software which improves process efficiency of any industrial operation by recommending the best operating parameters based on historical data. The best part is that it can constantly update the recommendations in real-time based on latest data.

This results in the most economical process, cost savings and reduction in environmental pollution.

The EcoProcess – Process Economizer:

  • Helps achieve most economical operating parameters for energy intensive equipment.
  • The savings can seen in real-time by the use of KPIs that you define.
  • Has a payback time of usually few days or weeks because of improved process efficiency
  • Takes 4-8 weeks to install & configure on a Windows PC at a site and no shut down is required

The best part is that in most cases EcoProcess can use historical data, whether it is in paper-based reports or digital formats in a historian, to fine tune the model for accurate future performance by enhancing process efficiency.

Depending on availability, some typical process inputs that EcoProcess uses to work accurately are:

  • Temperature, Pressure, Flow rate for energy intensive equipment
  • Catalyst bed temperature
  • Suction, Discharge temperature, pressure, flow rate of compressor
  • Other inputs depending on the equipment

You can watch this small to understand the power of our analytics software which can deliver this service.

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