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EHS Management Systems

sheq consultants management systems

We offer consultancy services for

  • Development
  • Training
  • Implementation
  • Internal Auditing of Management Systems

Our consultancy is for all of the Management Systems listed below:

QMS: Quality Management System e.g. ISO 9001

This Management System is suitable for businesses that require a consistent quality of their product (e.g. a garment, spare part, electronic equipment etc.) or service (health care, car workshop etc.)

EMS: Environmental Management System e.g. ISO 14001, Responsible Care

The EMS (Environmental Management System) is suitable for businesses who want to put emphasis on protecting the environment while conducting a profitable business. Almost all major lending institutions require commitment to environment protection before they open their wallets.

OHSAS: Health & Safety Management System e.g. OHSAS 18001

This Management System is imperative for all businesses who want to ensure compliance to legal requirements related to the Safety & Health of their workers and avoid negative publicity due to lawsuits against them.

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