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CT-Econ Cooling Tower Economizer

CT-Econ Cooling Tower Economizer

Our CT-Econ Cooling Tower Economizer analytics software improves the efficiency of a wet Cooling Tower. It does so by monitoring & advising the most optimum operating parameters for enhanced efficiency and operating close to ideal state. With the ever increasing shortage of water, this software is invaluable in saving natural resources.

You can watch this small video to understand the power of our analytics software which can deliver this service.

The CT-Econ:

  • Helps with pump operation strategy, cell balance etc.
  • Helps to reduce water consumption & chemical usage
  • Can predict the heat load variations and reduce lag in adjusting heat load on the cooling tower
  • Has a payback time of usually less than a year because of improved efficiency
  • Takes 4-8 weeks to install on a Windows PC at a site and no shut down is required

The best part is that in most cases CT-Econ can use historical data, whether it is in paper-based reports or digital formats in a historian, to fine tune the model for accurate future performance.

Depending on availability, some typical process inputs that CT-Econ uses to work accurately are:

  • Cooling water inlet & outlet temperature and flow rate
  • Cooling water pumps power consumption
  • Make up water flow rate
  • Site operating load
  • Weather data including ambient temperature, humidity, wind velocity & direction

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