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VirtuaLyser – Virtual Analyser System


Our VirtuaLyser modeling software takes over the role of various sensors & analysers e.g. O2, NOx, CO, CO2, SO2 etc. in the Petrochemical and Oil & Gas industries. It can also be used in conjunction with other analysers & sensors to supplement or replace some of those or act as stand-by during maintenance.


As compared to traditional hardware analysers, the VirtuaLyser:

  • Is more than 50% cheaper in installation cost
  • Is more than 90% cheaper in operating & maintenance cost
  • Is more reliable due to less parts
  • Doesn’t require calibration, zero or span checks
  • Can act as a stand-by for those sensors/analysers which require shut down for maintenance
  • The payback time for VirtuaLyser software in a petrochemical complex is less than a year
  • It takes 4-8 weeks to install VirtuaLyser in a Windows PC at a site and no shut down is required.

The best part is that in most cases VirtuaLyser can use historical data, whether it is in paper-based reports or digital formats in a historian, to fine tune the model for accurate future performance.

VirtuaLyser uses process inputs which are commonly available in all modern plants having DCS/PLC based control systems.

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