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LeakAlert – Boiler Leak Detection System


Our LeakAlert – Boiler Leak Detection software can detect leaks of less than 1% of boiler feedwater flow rate. It is based on the principle of mass balance or acoustic detection. Depending on the site conditions, one of these methods is used.


  • It can help the plant personnel make an informed decision if a shut down is required or not.
  • In most cases, the average payback time is less than one year.
  • The operators can set up Monitor or Alert alarms or emails, for specific actions.
  • It takes 4-8 weeks to install mass balance LeakAlert in a Windows PC at a site with no shut down required.
  • The acoustic system installation takes the same amount of time but a shut down maybe required.

Depending on availability, some typical process inputs that LeakAlert uses to work accurately are:

  • Flow rate of BFW, Blowdown & Steam
  • Temperature of BFW and Steam
  • Flow rate of Fuel

Please Contact Us for details and demo install.